Covid-19: Let's Talk About the Plan

A resource to help young children understand the pandemic


Let's talk about Covid-19 with our kids. Talking about Covid-19 with our children can be hard, even uncomfortable.  Geared for ages 2-8 years old, this book uses developmentally appropriate language that is easy for children to understand.  With real-life photographs, this book brings to light many of the emotions kids are likely experiencing right now.

Children's lives have changed during this pandemic, and most young children do not yet have the words to express their feelings about these changes.  Some children may be struggling more than others, or even acting out because they don't understand why the family plan has changed, or for how long these changes will last.

The questions in this book remain the same, however,  your child’s answers may change, depending on the day. 

Feel free to revisit these questions often with your child. 


Who takes care of you?

What is different for you now?

What things do you enjoy doing?

How are you feeling right now?  

Do you have any questions right now?


Written by child development specialist Aubrey Kliaman M.A., and professional mother Bailee Rad.  Together, two moms embarked on an intense collaboration to help families find the language to discuss these new and unprecedented concerns with their children.  Bailee and Aubrey continue to work on additional ways to help families advance the social, emotional, and intellectual development of their young children during these uncertain times.